Всё что связанно с zabbix и мониторингом различных сервисов
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* published
* received patches from Johan Nilsson <johann (at) axis.com>
* received patches from Geoff Crompton <geoff.crompton@strategicdata.com.au>
* packaged ePN version of the plugins -- the __END__ block for embedded documentation was causing an error because of the way ePN wraps the perl scripts. see http://nagios.sourceforge.net/docs/2_0/embeddedperl.html
* added SSL support using patch from Benjamin Ritcey <ben@ritcey.com>
* added TLS support for SMTP using Net::SMTP::TLS
* added SSL support for SMTP using Net::SMTP::SSL, but NOTE that I don't have access to an SMTPS server so I cannot test this.
* small fix with SSL support for IMAP related to bugfix in Mail::IMAPClient 3.00 over 2.2.9 thanks to Seth P. Low <low@modog.com>
* added --usage option to all three plugins for familiarity with the official nagios plugins